​I created my company BHealthy Kitchen after struggling to find healthy, nutritious and honest snacks in my area. I started my own food and health blog 5 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had struggled with gut issues and my RA diagnosis was the final straw in realising I needed to change my diet and lifestyle. I researched into 'healing' foods and ingredients, which I then created my own recipes which I posted on my blog to share to others.

Skip to today, and I am in remission with my arthritis, suffering little to no pain, and managing this with my diet. I work as a Nutritional Advisor in Oxfordshire, helping others with health and weight loss. I have noticed in the area I work and live, we are lacking in healthy homemade snacks. I want people not to just eat healthy snacks because they taste good, but to understand the impact ingredients have on their body. 

Starting with my range of 'BHealthy Balls' which are 3 energy balls, made with 100% natural ingredients. No additives or 'nasties' - just honest ingredients, the way food should be made. I want to prove that healthy food does not need to be tastless, boring or overpriced.

​If you don't believe me, try them for yourself.

MollyBHealthy x

We currently stock at FitLife Gym - Haddenham, Bucks. 
If you are interested in stocking us or making an order, then please head over to the contact page.